Runnin’ back to Saskatoon… (and an apology)

Hey all, I’m backing up my laptop, camera, spare batteries and enough cable to rappel down the SGI building and I’m heading back to Stoon for another fun-filled weekend of shooting equestran sports!

Starting Friday Sept 28 and continuing through to Sunday Sept 30, the Sask. Riding Club Provincial Finals at the Praireland Ag Centre are going to be packed with the best of all-thing western. I’d like to tip my western hat to a great lady, Gloria Kadlec, and a fine gentleman, Brian Bates, for having me up to shoot.

My priority task is to shoot the winners of all the events (and we’ll be doing that at set times between events; check the agenda, I know it’s all on there) but I’m also hoping to shoot all the action from the events, too. Check out my contact sheets (on the Contact Sheet pages) from the cowhorse futurity and you’ll see what I mean by ‘action’ shots.

Great. I mentioned cows and now I’ve got THIS stuck in my head. It’s a silly thing but it’s catchy, fun and I think you’ll enjoy it as much as I do.

Morgan (like the horse) Beaudry

PS: Yes, yes, yes….I KNOW I’m behind on getting up a gallery from the cowhorse futurity. All you Bridlewood folks are no doubt waiting to see a gallery from the amazing jumping and flatwork shot on 15th go up, too. In Jamaica, there’s an expression: Soon come. In Jamaica, ‘soon come’ could mean 15 minutes or 45 days (or never) but I’ve given myself a deadline of next Friday to get the futurity and Bridlewood show galleries up. You’re all welcome to pelt me with horseshoes if I don’t.

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