Bridlewood brings the action!

What an incredible day that was! My feet are killing me because I was standing all day but with so much action going on there just wasn’t a moment to sit. Okay, I sat down once and a really classy and nice lady offered me an iced tea, which I accepted, and which was delicious.

The Bridlewood Farms Fun Day was well organized and a pleasure to be a part of whether you were competing or watching from the four-star-view seating areas around the outdoor arena.

I had the best seat in the house though as you’ll see from the contact sheets I’m putting up right away. There are two contact sheets – one for the morning’s events, a second for the afternoon’s jumping. They are yours to view or download.

If you want to order some, make a list of the images by number. Send that list to me via I’ll gather up the images, tweak them for colour, cropping etc, and burn them to a disc that you can get unlimited prints from. Images are $10 each for the first 10, order another 10 and I’ll give you these at 50% off. Want more? Call or mail me, we’ll work out a rate for a bulk order.

Thanks very much to Bree, gracious and hospitable owner of Bridlewood Farms, for having me out there today, and big thanks too to all the riders who worked so hard and performed so well, and to all the friendly and kind folks to made me feel really welcome!

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