Wild rides, wee ropers, scholarship winners and witty costumes

Today is the 6th and final day of Agribition and as you can see it’s packed side to side and top to bottom with entertaining events, particulary for children.

Here are the final Agribition galleries.


If I live to be 100 I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of watching THIS:



Or THIS (look at that little guy. How adorable is that!!)



They show sheep showing and the event everyone loves – the costume class . In case you’re wondering, the man and his family are a dragon slayer (dad), the trusty mount (sheep) rescuing the princess (in pink) from the terrifying dragon (the 10 month old). In another costume class, the crocodile hunter and her ferocious companion narrowly beat out the pirate sheep for first prize.




Megan Turton of Carnduff SK was honoured with the Agribition scholarship today. She appears in the gallery with others who are receiving certificates from sales.



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