Close encounters of the Agribition kind!

New to the Family Ag Pavillion this year is a display by the Western College of Veterinary Medicine. A center of excellent and the premier veterinary school in Western Canada, the college is training center for vets and also offers care to all creatures, great and small.

The doctors and techs as this school are among the world’s finest, hence the shout-out. I love you guys!

In this gallery, you’ll see :

Dr. Gregg Adams and his wife (and assistant) Lori Adams introducing children to the world of veterinary medicine – including a hands-on pretend ‘surgery’!

Artist in Residence Carol Morin and the ever-growing card buffalo she and the visitors are building

A square dance demonstration

And a epic throw down between men’s hoop dancers. I think the little guy in the sparkles nailed it!

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