Media vs. Mechanical Bull

In the epic showdown between man – or rather MEDIA – versus machine, there can be only one winner: the spectators.

The best, most beautiful and brighest CTV Regina stars mounted Steve Merchant’s hand-built mechanical bucking machine – called the CYCLONE – and with all the dignity you’d expect, clung to it like champs. Carey Smith deserves a special mention here.

He not only came off that mechanical bull with more style and grace than I’ve seen at Olympic gymnastic events, he did it injured. Yes…that devil of the steer took the mickey out of Carey but he didn’t let that get him down – nosiree!

Molly, Lyndsay and Jon also PWNed that mad bucking machine (which is available for your next party or corporate function – call 403-586-4099 to book; it’s a once in a┬álifetime chance to see your CEO’s yeehaw face!)

Enjoy the gallery, and give props to your CTV news peeps. It takes a special kind of brave to try this and they did an amazing job!


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