Images from Sask Working Cowhorse Futurity- Day 1, Friday, Sept 7 is READY! See below!!!

Someone said to me today that working with cows is like playing chess while bobsledding. Being a writer, I can appreciate that phrase for its wit but having never worked with cows whilst in the saddle, I could not say for sure if its true.

One thing I’m certain of is that today I paid witness to world-class cowhorse work, and here’s the collection of the day’s images that bear testament to the talent and skill on offer at this event.

View, share, and enjoy!

If you want order images, either come and talk to me or check out my How to Order Images page for all the details. Heck, just come and talk to me anyway. I’m having a great time at the event, I’ve met dozen’s of amazing and cool people, and I cannot wait for Day 2 tomorrow.

Good night and happy browsing!

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