Pumped about Sask Working Cowhorse Futurity!

In about 12 hours, I should be pulling into Saskatoon and, come morning, be at the Prairieland Ag Centre for the Sask Working Cowhorse Futurity taking place Sept 7, 8 and 9.

I’m really looking forwarding to shooting this! This is going to be a new career highpoint for me for sure.

After tomorrows events are done, I’ll head back where I’m staying, download, edit and sort through the images, build a contact sheet (a document/proof sheet featuring all the images from the day), post the contact sheet online and then link to it here in a another blog entry. I’ll be doing the same on Saturday night. Sunday night I’m driving back home so the contact sheet might not be ready until Monday – sorry in advance.

For info about how to order, check out the How to Order page or come poke in the arm tomorrow and say ‘Hey, how do I order’?

Speaking of coming to poke me in the arm, I’ll be pretty easy to spot. I’m the blonde carrying a camera the size of a small rocket launcher (and it weighs about the same, too.). I’ll be wearing a sorta purlplish-pink Carhart shirt so if the bazooka of a carema doesn’t stand out, the shirt ought to. Just in case, click here to see a picture you can use for reference. See ya tomorrow! Can’t wait!

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