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Day 2 Sask Working Cowhorse Futurity Photos!

Okay everyone, here are two contact sheets with photos from yesterday:
Part 1:
Part 2:

There are two sheets due to camera creating a new folder when the counter rolled over. Unable to merge the files, it’s just easier to keep them separate and so, yeah, there’s two contact sheets now, sorry. Same as yesterday, the photos follow the order of the day’s events.

I’m heading home to Regina after Day 3 wraps up tomorrow so the contact sheets and stuff might take a bit longer to get up due to my travel time. It’s been so much fun being in Saskatoon for the weekend. I’m met so many great folks, like Jim and Beth Fast; Brenda who pretty much runs that Ag Centre and knows the answer to pretty much anything you could ask, the judges Lorraine, Arden, Shelby, Kelly? (I know I got that wrong, sorry!); Vicki and everyone in the control booth have been so hospitable and helpful. This was an unforgettable experience and I’m so grateful to have been invited.

Anyway, off to bed soon – got another full day of shooting to do tomorrow.

For those of you asking about getting images:

Yes; you get the WHOLE image on the disc. You can get unlimited prints. You also get each image in 3 sizes; email, print and enlargement.

Yes; If you buy 10 images at $10 ea, I cap the price and you can have all the pics of yourself you want.

It’ll take me about a week to get the CD out to you. I can’t speak for Canada Post, but I’ll have it in the mail in five days from order.

You can pay by cheque but I’d sorta prefer Paypal

Images from Sask Working Cowhorse Futurity- Day 1, Friday, Sept 7 is READY! See below!!!

Someone said to me today that working with cows is like playing chess while bobsledding. Being a writer, I can appreciate that phrase for its wit but having never worked with cows whilst in the saddle, I could not say for sure if its true.

One thing I’m certain of is that today I paid witness to world-class cowhorse work, and here’s the collection of the day’s images that bear testament to the talent and skill on offer at this event.

View, share, and enjoy!

If you want order images, either come and talk to me or check out my How to Order Images page for all the details. Heck, just come and talk to me anyway. I’m having a great time at the event, I’ve met dozen’s of amazing and cool people, and I cannot wait for Day 2 tomorrow.

Good night and happy browsing!

Pumped about Sask Working Cowhorse Futurity!

In about 12 hours, I should be pulling into Saskatoon and, come morning, be at the Prairieland Ag Centre for the Sask Working Cowhorse Futurity taking place Sept 7, 8 and 9.

I’m really looking forwarding to shooting this! This is going to be a new career highpoint for me for sure.

After tomorrows events are done, I’ll head back where I’m staying, download, edit and sort through the images, build a contact sheet (a document/proof sheet featuring all the images from the day), post the contact sheet online and then link to it here in a another blog entry. I’ll be doing the same on Saturday night. Sunday night I’m driving back home so the contact sheet might not be ready until Monday – sorry in advance.

For info about how to order, check out the How to Order page or come poke in the arm tomorrow and say ‘Hey, how do I order’?

Speaking of coming to poke me in the arm, I’ll be pretty easy to spot. I’m the blonde carrying a camera the size of a small rocket launcher (and it weighs about the same, too.). I’ll be wearing a sorta purlplish-pink Carhart shirt so if the bazooka of a carema doesn’t stand out, the shirt ought to. Just in case, click here to see a picture you can use for reference. See ya tomorrow! Can’t wait!