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Runnin’ back to Saskatoon… (and an apology)

Hey all, I’m backing up my laptop, camera, spare batteries and enough cable to rappel down the SGI building and I’m heading back to Stoon for another fun-filled weekend of shooting equestran sports!

Starting Friday Sept 28 and continuing through to Sunday Sept 30, the Sask. Riding Club Provincial Finals at the Praireland Ag Centre are going to be packed with the best of all-thing western. I’d like to tip my western hat to a great lady, Gloria Kadlec, and a fine gentleman, Brian Bates, for having me up to shoot.

My priority task is to shoot the winners of all the events (and we’ll be doing that at set times between events; check the agenda, I know it’s all on there) but I’m also hoping to shoot all the action from the events, too. Check out my contact sheets (on the Contact Sheet pages) from the cowhorse futurity and you’ll see what I mean by ‘action’ shots.

Great. I mentioned cows and now I’ve got THIS stuck in my head. It’s a silly thing but it’s catchy, fun and I think you’ll enjoy it as much as I do.

Morgan (like the horse) Beaudry

PS: Yes, yes, yes….I KNOW I’m behind on getting up a gallery from the cowhorse futurity. All you Bridlewood folks are no doubt waiting to see a gallery from the amazing jumping and flatwork shot on 15th go up, too. In Jamaica, there’s an expression: Soon come. In Jamaica, ‘soon come’ could mean 15 minutes or 45 days (or never) but I’ve given myself a deadline of next Friday to get the futurity and Bridlewood show galleries up. You’re all welcome to pelt me with horseshoes if I don’t.

Bridlewood brings the action!

What an incredible day that was! My feet are killing me because I was standing all day but with so much action going on there just wasn’t a moment to sit. Okay, I sat down once and a really classy and nice lady offered me an iced tea, which I accepted, and which was delicious.

The Bridlewood Farms Fun Day was well organized and a pleasure to be a part of whether you were competing or watching from the four-star-view seating areas around the outdoor arena.

I had the best seat in the house though as you’ll see from the contact sheets I’m putting up right away. There are two contact sheets – one for the morning’s events, a second for the afternoon’s jumping. They are yours to view or download.

If you want to order some, make a list of the images by number. Send that list to me via I’ll gather up the images, tweak them for colour, cropping etc, and burn them to a disc that you can get unlimited prints from. Images are $10 each for the first 10, order another 10 and I’ll give you these at 50% off. Want more? Call or mail me, we’ll work out a rate for a bulk order.

Thanks very much to Bree, gracious and hospitable owner of Bridlewood Farms, for having me out there today, and big thanks too to all the riders who worked so hard and performed so well, and to all the friendly and kind folks to made me feel really welcome!

Download or view SRCHA Finals contact sheets here!

Now you have two ways to check out the Finals photos:

View them online or download the contact sheets to your computer.

To view the contact sheets, which contain all the images from a given day, follow the link that corresponds to each day.

Day 1:

Day 2 –
Part 1:
Day 2 – Part 2:

Day 3:

To download the contact sheets and save them to your computer (and that’ll take a bit, they’re big) click the links below.
Click HERE for Day 1
Click HERE for Day 2, Part 1
Click HERE for Day 2, Part 2
Click HERE for Day 3

You can print from both the online and the downloaded versions but there’s LOTS of pages so your printer might go through a lot of paper and ink – you’ve been warned!

Link won’t open? Frustrated? Solutions below!

A couple of folks have been in touch with me to say “Hey…I’m pretty sure you took some great shots on the weekend but this stupid link to the Google document contact sheet doesn’t work.”
First, let me get right out in front of this with a heartfelt SORRY. NOTHING is more frustrating that being told something will work, expecting it to work, and finding that it doesn’t work. That it works for me is about as helpful in the overall scheme of this as a screen door on a submarine.

One reason it may not work is firewalls. If you were trying to pop open those docs from your work computer, there’s a better than average chance that your company’s firewall software, which dictates what sites you can access online, is the problem. My husband cannot access Google documents via link from his work computer. He can’t even access this site, and there’s no gambling or sexy stuff (well, maybe the wrestler) on here or anything! His company’s firewall is extreme but maybe your’s is too.

I can’t help you with your firewall, other than suggest you browse from your home computer, but I am trying to do a few things to improve access.

Number one: I’ve changed the setting on the link so that, in theory, they are searchable on the web. I don’t know if this will help but maybe my opening access to the widest possible point your computer or mobile device with open it more easily. Also, try it twice. Even on my own mobile, I had to make two attempts but the second worked fine.

Number two: I can mail you copy of the contact sheet, the document itself, but it’s a big galoot of a file and unless you’re on Gmail or another service that can handle massive files, your email will reject it. These documents are HUGE, between 6 and 11 MB each. Some people have received them successfully though, we can always give it a try 🙂

If I do mail it and it does get through:

  1. Open and save a copy to your computer IMMEDIATELY.
  2. Delete the mail it came in.
  3. Empty your deteled items.
  4. If you forwarded it to a friend, deleted it from your sent items then empty your deleted items.

You want it OUT of your inbox ASAP. Most mailboxes have a limit on how much stuff you can have and with this sitting in there, other mail may not be able to come through.

To make it easier to find contact sheets in the future, I’m going to put up a contact sheet page on the site. All the link will be listed there by event. No more having to hunt through posts. Thanks to all who made the suggestion. Duly noted, it will be done.

Finals images ready!

To see the photos, follow this link!

contact me either by phone 306-591-1753 or email to, or Or find me on Facebook or call Vicki, she has my details too.

I’m going to send the links to all the galleries from each of the three days of the Sask Working Horse Futurity to Vicki to post on the association’s website. Big, huge thanks to everyone from the competitors to the judges to all the great supportive folks who came out to watch. This event went off so perfect, too. HUGE standing O to the organizers for making everything run smooth and perfect. Special congrats to the brave, tough cowgirl who – even though she was badly injured on Saturday – showed up to support her friends. You, lady, have grit. And class. I, for one, am in awe of your strength and courage; good luck during your recovery.

On a personal note, I figure I owe a few folks an apology. I looked awfully rough and puffy yesterday and was lurking and pacing around in the ladies room in a way that might have seemed creepy. The truth of it is that I’m taking a medication to help me quit smoking and I’m beginning to think I’m allergic to it. This is bad not just because it makes me whoopsy but mainly because that, without this drug, I’m worried I won’t be able to quit.